Season Greetings!

Dear Friends,

Our Season Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year to you!

Season Greetings!

When a New Year approaches, we often try to summarize what has happened during the ending year.

This year our longevity studies have received a prestigious award from the US National Institute on Aging (R01 award from NIA), allowing us to continue and expand the longevity research for 5 more years.

Our longevity research project was subjected to a rigorous peer-review process at NIA, and it was rated as being among the best 5 % of the approved (scored) proposals. We are excited and inspired !

Happy New Year!

Also this year our research team has published the following papers on aging and longevity topics:

Gavrilova N.S., Gavrilov L.A.    Aging Populations: Russia/Eastern Europe.    In: P. Uhlenberg (Editor), International Handbook of the Demography of Aging, New York: Springer-Verlag, March 1, 2009 (In Press).

Gavrilova N.S., Gavrilov L.A.    Genetic Influences in Later Life.   In: D. Carr (Editor), Encyclopedia of the Life Course and Human Development, Gale Cengage, Macmillan Reference USA, 2008.

Gavrilov L.A., Gavrilova N.S.     Mortality Measurement at Advanced Ages: A Study of the Social Security Administration Death Master File.   Living to 100 and Beyond: Survival at Advanced Ages [online monograph]. The Society of Actuaries, 2008, 32 pages

Gavrilova N.S., Gavrilov L.A.     Can exceptional longevity be predicted?   Contingencies [Journal of the American Academy of Actuaries], 2008, July/August issue, pp. 82-88.

Gavrilova N.S., Semyonova V.G., Dubrovina E., Evdokushkina G.N., Ivanova A.E., Gavrilov L.A.     Russian Mortality Crisis and the Quality of Vital Statistics.   Population Research and Policy Review, 2008, 27: 551-574.

Gavrilova N.S., Gavrilov L.A.     Physical and Socioeconomic Characteristics at Young Age as Predictors of Survival to 100: A Study of a New Historical Data Resource (U.S. WWI Draft Cards).   Living to 100 and Beyond: Survival at Advanced Ages [online monograph]. The Society of Actuaries, 2008, 23 pages.

Gavrilov LA, Gavrilova NS.     The Science of Staying Young [Book Review]. The Quarterly Review of Biology, 2008, 83(4): 420-421.

Gavrilov L.A., Gavrilova N.S.    Evolution in Health and Disease [Book Review]. The New England Journal of Medicine, 2008, 359(17): 1856-1857.

Gavrilov LA, Gavrilova NS.     Aging: The Paradox of Life: Why We Age [Book Review]. The Quarterly Review of Biology, 2008, 83(3): 325-326.

Gavrilov LA, Gavrilova NS.     The Biology of Human Longevity: Inflammation, Nutrition, and Aging in the Evolution of Lifespans [Book Review]. The Quarterly Review of Biology, 2008, 83(1): 107-107.

Gavrilov L.A., Gavrilova N.S.     The Longevity Revolution: The Benefits and Challenges of Living a Long Life [Book Review]. The New England Journal of Medicine, 2008, 358(20): 2187-2188.
We hope perhaps you may find some of these publications interesting.

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Russian mortality

Also this year we gave invited talks at:
-- International Symposium "Living to 100 and Beyond: Survival at Advanced Ages", Orlando, Florida.

-- United Nations (UNPFA) Seminar "Contemporary Methods of Mortality Analysis", Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

-- 2008 Chicago Actuarial Association Workshop, Chicago, USA

As well as scientific presentations at:

-- Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA

-- Population Association of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA

This year we have developed and taught a new course at the University of Chicago:
"Demography of Russia and the Former Soviet Union"
(SOCI 20182), Spring 2008
Also in July this year we attended a fascinating international scientific meeting related to the topic of life extension and aging prevention in Stockholm, Sweden, which brought together leading scientists from Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia and Germany (including one Nobel laureate).

If you are interested in our lectures and/or scientific cooperation, please contact us at:


Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Kind regards,
Leonid Gavrilov and Natalia Gavrilova

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